Mr C. Twiby – Headteacher, Gifted and Talented co-ordinator and Safeguarding Lead.

Mrs N Wilkes – Parent and Pupil Support Advisor/Safeguarding. 

Office Staff:

Mrs H. Halfpenny

Mrs J. Purcell

Teaching staff:

Miss J. Whittaker – Nursery teacher/Art Lead

Mrs R. Le – Reception teacher/Early Years Lead

Miss C. Rudd – Reception teacher/RE Lead

Y1 Miss A. Lester – Music Lead.

Y1/2 Mr G. Brownless – KS1 Lead, Maths co-ordinator and Assessment.

Y2 Mrs T. Ayres – SENDCo.

Y3 Mrs S. Gould – LKS2 Lead, History and Geography co-ordinator and Student Placement Lead.

Y3/4 Miss M. Bailey

Y4 Mrs J. Thompson – Science Lead/CPFA staff member.

Y5 Mrs A. Patterson – Reading Lead / Mrs L. Storer – Music Lead.

Y5/6 Mrs L. Coulter – Computing Lead.

Y6 Mrs C. Hoffman – Deputy Headteacher, UKS2 Lead, Writing Lead, Assessment Lead and Safeguarding.

Mrs P. Derbyshire – PPA Teacher and website support.

Mrs E. Thompson – PPA Teacher and PSHCE Lead.

Mrs D. Andrews – PPA/Catch up Teacher.

 Teaching Assistants:

HLTA Y5/6 Mrs L. Clark

HLTA Y3/4 Mrs H. Jones

Mrs A. Hare – Creative Arts.

Mrs J. Thomas EYFS

Mrs R. McKay EYFS

Miss L. Thomson EYFS

Mrs N. Johnson EYFS

Mrs G. Bain KS1

Mrs N. Weir KS1

Mrs A. Frank KS1/KS2

Miss H. Christon Y3/4

We also have many other staff……


Steve Davies

Lunchtime staff: 

Pam Buckton
Michelle Buckton
Julie Rogerson
Margaret Parkin

Gemma Jones

Zoie Bradley

Kitchen staff:

Vicky Clair – Head Cook
Sally Wilcox – Kitchen Assistant
Sukyana Morgan – Kitchen Assistant

Nichola Hamilton – Kitchen Assistant

……..who all help to run Crooksbarn!