Mr C. Twiby – Headteacher, Gifted and Talented co-ordinator and Safeguarding Lead.

 Mrs N Wilkes – Parent and Pupil Support Advisor. 

Office Staff:

Mrs S. Hewson

Mrs H. Halfpenny

Mrs J. Purcell

Teaching staff:


Reception Mrs A. Cullum – Early Years Lead


Y1 Miss A. Lester

Y1/2 Mrs K. Atkinson – KS1 Lead, Phonics Lead and MFL co-ordinator.

Y2 Mrs T. Ayres – SENDCo.

Y3 Mrs J. Thompson – Science co-ordinator and CPFA staff member.

Y3/4 Mrs A Patterson

Y4 Mr G. Brownless – LKS2 Lead, Maths co-ordinator and Assessment.

Y5 Mrs S. Gould – History and Geography co-ordinator and Student Placement Lead.

Y5/6 Mrs L. Coulter – Computing co-ordinator.

Y6 Mrs C. Hoffman – Deputy Headteacher, Writing Lead, Assessment Lead and Safeguarding.

Mrs S. Gowland – PPA Teacher and DT co-ordinator.

Mrs P. Derbyshire – PPA Teacher and Art co-ordinator.

 Teaching Assistants:

HLTA Mrs L. Clark

HLTA Mrs H. Jones

Mrs A. Hare – Creative Arts.

Mrs N. Weir

Mrs J. Purcell

Miss L. Thomson

Mrs N. Johnson

Mrs G. Bain

Mrs R. McKay

We also have many other staff such as……



 Steve Jones


Lunchtime staff: 

Lilian Shanks
Pam Buckton
Michelle Buckton
Julie Rogerson
Gemma Jones

Margaret Parkin



Kitchen staff:


Vicky Clair – Head Cook
Sally Wilcox – Kitchen Assistant
Sukyana Morgan – Kitchen Assistant

Nichola Hamilton – Kitchen Assistant


……..who all help to run Crooksbarn!