School Council

Welcome to Crooksbarn from the School Council……

We are the school council and our job is to discuss making the school a better place for us to learn and make friends. By putting forward some of your great suggestions some things can be made possible!

The school council get amazing opportunities such as visiting new places in and around the local area. We meet up regularly to discuss the suggestions made by other children in the school; children in KS2 can offer their suggestions by writing them on a slip of paper and putting them into their class suggestion box. Some our recent discussions have included: ideas for assemblies, arranging visitors from outside of school and purchasing new equipment.

Each member of the school council is dedicated and hardworking and each class hold elections for new school council members each year.

We are always open to new suggestions that would be beneficial to our school. Please place any suggestions into one of the boxes in any KS2 classroom or speak to your class teacher.