Reception hosted “Tea and Toast” mornings, for parents to see their child’s work and discuss learning whilst having breakfast together.


Here are some of the lovely comments from parents/carers:

“I believe these mornings help parents understand how their child is doing at school and what could be practised at home.”

“I have enjoyed looking at my child’s work and can see how he is developing.  I can see what he needs to practise at home.”

“Great to see how they are progressing at school.  They have both improved so much in the last few months.  Outside school, they are both constantly recognising words and asking what they are.”

“It was lovely to come and see how well my child has progressed since starting at Crooksbarn.  Thank you for having me round to see his work.”

“What an absolute pleasure to share these moments with my child.”

“She loves writing and drawing at home and it was helpful to see the work she is doing at school to carry this on at home.”