E Safety

Crooksbarn Primary School would like their pupils to stay safe…..

In today’s society, children, young people and adults interact with technologies such as mobile phones, games consoles and the Internet on a daily basis and experience a wide range of opportunities, attitudes and situations. The exchange of ideas, social interaction and learning opportunities involved are greatly beneficial to all, but can occasionally place children, young people and adults in danger.

Below are some useful links that you and your family can access to learn how to stay safe on the Internet and use technologies and social media safely.  There are also some activities to test your knowledge!

  A copy of the school E-Safety policy is also included for your information.

Thank you

Click below to watch: The Adventures of Kara, Winston and the Smart crew – Childnet
5 fantastic cartoons to illustrate e-safety SMART rules for 7 to 11 year olds.


Watch this Newsround short film “Internet Safety: Caught in the Web”

E-Safety Policy

Social Networking Sites Policy

Internet Matters


Kids Smart

Disney Safe Surfing

CBBC Newsround

Net Smartz Workshop