A Day in the Life of Crooksbarn

Perhaps we should start by saying that, although no two days are alike at Crooksbarn, we do have a basic routine.

Children can arrive on the playground from 8.45am, where a member of staff will be on duty. Class teachers are available for an informal chat at 8.50 -8.55 am most days should you have any messages or questions. The school bell will sound at 8.55am, signalling the start of the school day. Children will then line up with their class teacher and lead straight in to school.

After a chat with their teacher and registration, lessons for all children begin at 9.00 am. An assembly is usually held either first thing in the morning or at the end of the day. There is a mid-morning break from 10.30 to 10.45 am, except for Fridays when break time is from 10.45-11.00 am.

Morning lessons end at 12.00 noon. Most of our children stay for a school lunch, which is operated on a cafeteria system.

Afternoon lessons begin at 1.00 p.m. and end at 3.10 pm for Reception and KS1 (3.15pm for KS2). An afternoon break may be taken for our younger children in Reception and Key Stage One if, in the professional opinion of the class teacher, it would be of benefit on that particular day.

Children may have the opportunity to join in an extra-curricular activity after school or during their lunch break e.g. football or netball practice, drama, mini-chefs.

This, then, is our basic routine but lots of other things are going on as well.

Most children are taught English and Maths during the morning sessions, in both whole-class and group situations. These lessons are lively and interactive, giving children valuable skills for the future.

Work is prepared to match the ability of all of our children, and all children can learn actively through talking, investigating and practical experience.

We also place great emphasis on independent learning and offer a broad, balanced curriculum, with many planned opportunities for Science, Technology, Art and Humanities, as well as P.E. and Swimming.

Any day at Crooksbarn Primary sees a number of visitors to the school. It may be that a visit has been arranged as part of a year group’s planned topic; there will be maintenance personnel who come to cut the grass or fix the boiler; deliveries of equipment or of fresh produce for the kitchens; parents with appointments to see class teachers / Head teacher or with queries for the Administrator. We encourage parents to get involved with their children’s education by helping out in classrooms.

There are the regular visitors too, of course – the school nurse, the Education Social Worker, music specialists, the school advisor, governors or a teacher from a secondary school to get to know our Y6 children ready for their move next September.

In addition, we get out and about a lot these days – maybe an exploration of the estate as part of our environmental studies work, or a visit to Redcar Races for numeracy / health education.