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This year, for the first time, Quiz Club are running a national inter-school maths championship for key stage two pupils.  Pupils have taken part in a selection quiz and a group of children were chosen to take part in a lunchtime club.  This team (and reserves) attended the local area heat, which took place at Junction Farm Primary School on Tuesday 23rd May.  They performed incredibly well, displaying great knowledge and understanding, and impressing the Quiz Master with their speed in calculating answers.  Unfortunately, they were just beaten to first place in a closely-fought contest.  We are now waiting to see whether their impressive score was high enough to win them a much-deserved place in the semi-finals.

Congratulations to Susanna Webb, Olivia Wilson, Ella Aspin and Ed Mogie.



This academic year, Crooksbarn Primary School entered two teams into Quiz Club, a national inter-school general knowledge competition.

All key stage two children took part in selection quizzes and, from these results, a group of children were selected to attend a lunchtime club. From this group, the final teams (and all-important reserves) were selected.

Each team consisted of one child from each of the key stage two year groups. The children worked collaboratively to answer a range of questions on a vast range of topics.

The local area heat took place in March and it was a nail-biting experience!  The teams finished fourth and seventh (out of twelve teams), with Crooksbarn 1 narrowly missing out on third place.

Congratulations to:

Crooksbarn 1 – Fern Dixon, Joel Flanagan, Ed Mogie and Oliver Boyd

Crooksbarn 2 – Alastair Copeland, Oliver Butterfield, Alice Blackburn and Reggie MacSween.

If you’d like to find out more, you can visit the Quiz Club website by following the link below:

Take a look at the following fact sheets if you’d like to improve your general knowledge:

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Important dates and events

World knowledge

Flags, countries, continents, population and currency