In March, Reception classes held a ‘Maths Cafe’ session for parents and carers to see how their children learn maths skills at school, and how they are able to support this learning at home.

We would like to thank parents and carers for coming along and for your continued support.  Here are some comments from parents/carers telling us what they found helpful at this event…

“I thought the session was a great idea and the resources were fantastic.”

“It is nice to see how fun and creative maths can be for them, and I feel better equipped to help my child learn.”

“I found it helpful to know how to each at home in a way they are used to from school and have purchased some items to help even more. Thank you.”

“All the examples set out, reminding me it’s the simplest of things that work.”

“Seeing how the children are taught at school so this can be continued at home.”

“How maths is made to be fun.”

“Good to know about the goals the children are working towards.  Handout/ideas for home also very helpful. Thank you.”